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Oliver Shi – Oliver Shi's TX DECA Campaign

My Platforms

My mantra is "DECA Empowers"

Video Tutorials and Workshops

Learn from others!
Watch and listen to other TX DECA members give advice on competition, school, and professional life.

Professional Contact List

A contact list full of professionals from various industries throughout Texas who are willing to give advice, mentorships, and even potential internships to HS students.

Dedicated Forum

A dedicated forum for TX DECA members to interact on.
Meet new people throughout Texas.
Get tips regarding competition from other DECA members.
Gain professional connections.

It’s as easy as One, Two, Shi


Oliver Shi is a junior at Wakeland High School in Frisco, TX and a third-year DECA member. Oliver Shi has held the positions District VII President and VP of Visual Media at Wakeland HS. He is an avid iOS, web, and database developer, having developed a personal app and website and interning for local startups over the past two summers. There, he learned about technology and business and cultivated his passion for business.

In his free time, Oliver enjoys playing basketball, asking his dog who’s a good boy, and hanging out with his friends. There are few things Oliver appreciates more than good corny jokes; he just can’t get enough of them. One of those few things is DECA. To Oliver, DECA has been extremely impactful in his life. He’s been able to meet amazing people from across the world, develop invaluable skills, and grow as a person thanks to DECA. To give back to such a great organization, Oliver has chosen to run for TX DECA State Officer and would truly appreciate your vote.

Learn more about Oliver Shi at his About Me page.

DECA Empowers

Oliver’s mantra for this year is “DECA Empowers”. It is his core belief that DECA has the ability to empower all of its members to reach their full potentials. Oliver plans to empower fellow TX DECA members to become elite competitors and notable professionals once elected to state office.

To do so, Oliver Shi has developed video resources and workshops, a professional contact list, and a dedicated TX DECA forum. These ideas will empower fellow TX DECA members to gain skills and insight regarding competition, reach out to industry leaders, and interact with fellow TX DECA members. Together, these platforms will empower all TX DECA members to truly be limitless.

  • It's me, Oliver Shi


It’s as easy as One, Two, Shi

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DECA Empowers


Here is the link to view my mock TX DECA Forum. This forum will allow TX DECA members to interact with one another on an exclusive platform. On this platform, members can share advice and Read more…

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